Project title

Increasing the efficiency of municipal flood protection through smart metering
Project ID: HUSRB/1602/11/0225
Total project budget: € 938 462,48
EU contribution: € 797 693, 10
Start of the project: 01/10/2017
End of the project: 30/09/2019
Lead Beneficiary: BAJA VÁROS ÖNKORMÁNYZATA (City of Baja)
Beneficiary: OPŠTINA NOVI BEČEJ (Municipality of Novi Becej)
Duration of the project: 1.10.2017–30.09.2019.

Due to their geographic location flood protection is of high importance for local self- governments partners on the project- the Municipality of Baja from Hungary and the Municipality of Novi Becej from Serbia. Both municipalities are responsible for defense of defined sectors along the rivers flowing through- Danube and Tisza, therefore one of the important tasks is to increase the efficiency of the flood protection system.
Accordingly, the project is focused on solving the following problems in the field of flood protection:

1) Physical infrastructure in poor condition;
2) Obsolete technology in flood prevention;
3) Low level of awareness of the population;
4) Insufficient exchange of information and specific knowledge of civil protection commissioners in the cross-border region.

Main objective of the project is improvement of the capacity of municipalities Baja and Novi Becej in areas of flood prevention and protection through infrastructural development, technology based disaster prevention tools and implementation of various activities oriented towards the adoption of information and knowledge by the population as well as civil protection commissioners (i.e. experts).

The primary target group of the project are those inhabitants, legal entities and others in Baja and in Novi Becej that are directly affected by the consequences of insufficient efficiency of the flood protection system. In addition to the aforementioned, the important target groups are the civil protection commissioners as well as the local community as a whole.

Project is implemented in municipalities Baja (Republic of Hungary) and Novi Becej (Republic of Serbia)

All project activities are grouped according to four basic outputs, i.e. pillars of the projects:

I Improved physical infrastructure and level of equipment;
II Established functional, integrated system for better flood protection in Baja and Novi Becej;
III developed construction and technical plans for further improvement of flood protection;
IV Increased level of awareness of both the population (including children) and the civil protection commissioners.

Lead Beneficiary of the project is Municipality of Baja, Municipality of Novi Becej is beneficiary.

Project management team Municipality of Baja:
Project manager: Mr. Zoltan Keszei
Financial manager: Ms. Nóra Koszorús
Thematic manager: Mr. Ferenc Perlaky

Project management team Municipality of Novi Becej:
Project coordinator: Mr. Branko Svilengaćin
Financial Assistant: Ms. Zora Stanisavljev
Technical expert: Mr. Ivan Bošnjak
Activity and Communication assistant: Ms. Jovana Vokić


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